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Software Made Easy is a Website Design, Web Application development and Internet Marketing company.

Our website design services include graphics design as well as content writing. We provide all the services related to a website, such as domain name registration, hosting, graphic design. email set up, graphic newsletter design, blog set up, regular updates, creating social media contents for all Social Media Channels.

In short we help you to win, in your business, through website and internet technologies. Operating as a web design company from Bangalore, we do website maintenance also.

Our creativity and innovation can be felt in our designs, our marketing strategies, in our customer service and the solutions we provide.

Keeping Quality as one of our unflinching basic assurance, many a time we have done more than what our commercial sense would allow, so that there is no compromise.

All our designs go through a long checklist of user-friendly requirements so that our customers and their customers, who are the end users of the design, feel extremely comfortable in going through the website or use the functions provided.

All the above and many small but important and subtle working styles make our Company different from other similar service providers.

our services

Web Design

We specialize in web design and have serviced more than 100 clients for their web design requirements.

There are several technologies involved and we offer the latest and the best that suits a customer’s requirement. We keep updating and adding to our skill set, so that customer gets the best value for money

Making a website work for different browsers and different resolutions is a real challenge.

We follow W3C standards and ensure that our designs are such that all the users see the same color and designs properly.

Web Application

Web applications are programs that are accessed using a web browser. They are installed in a server and accessed from a client computer. The server can be on the internet or it can be locally within the premises on a Local Area Network.

The advantages of web application are, they can be accessed from anywhere and they are available 24 X7. Any update done on the server program will enable all users to see the same immediately.

Web Hosting

Many web design Companies will do only web design. They will not provide any other service. This puts the customers in a plight. They have to handle the hosting themselves or approach a service provider or another agent who will interact with a hosting service provider. So, you end up either doing it yourself or handling two agencies.

Software Made Easy is a ONE STOP SHOP for all your web needs.

We handle the hosting also apart from design. We identify the right platform, get the hosting done in a reliable server and handle all the communications related to hosting, renewal, maintenance etc. You are totally relieved from all the headaches and technicalities and mail correspondence related to hosting.

Ecommerce Solution

As a quality Web design, Web application development and Internet marketing company, Software Made Easy understands today's business world and offers user friendly ecommerce solution for all kinds of business needs. Ecommerce shortens the sales cycle and help companies reach out to global customers.

Software Made Easy specializes in customized ecommerce packages which can be edited as per specific requirements of client which will be cost effective. In today's competitive world, having just a website, doesn't help. A well designed, user-friendly ordering process and a secure transaction can increase the business effectively.

Internet Marketing

It is important to have a website… but it is more important that people visit to see it!

The purpose of website was only information in the earlier days. With the booming of internet technologies and broadband connections and access through mobile devices, the role of a website has changed drastically.

It is very important that you increase the traffic to your website and thereby generate more leads for your business and eventually convert them to orders for your product or service.

Web Maintenance

Web Maintenance is an important part of managing your website. It requires lot of interaction and understanding and patience. Software Made Easy understands that. Once you assign the maintenance to us, you will be mentally free to focus on your business and important activities.

Our website support service acts as your single contact for anything to do with your website. We will see to it, that your domain name and hosting will be renewed well in advance before its expiry date so that your site will not be down and there will not be any break in your email service.

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